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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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“价格, the assistance you receive from the pharmacist (especially Hamilton) and the people who check you out are always super nice."

"Always working with me to get coupons on medications I take."

"Great service and friendly staff."

"Friendly, helpful and efficient"

"友好的工作人员, good 价格“

"That you are open till 9 week-days and open Saturdays!"

“方便 & 价格“

"Friendly, professional and efficient staff"

"Always courteous, thorough and professional!"



"The friendly, professional staff : )))"


"Professional and friendly staff : )"


“快速、专业的服务. Pharmacists always available for help. A person to talk to on phone, no robots."



"Efficient, personable, convenient"

"Cheaper than most pharmacies and employees are very friendly"


"乐于助人又友好.. 知识渊博的员工."

"Faster prescription refill than big box"


"When things are so busy I can't get by there to pick up my meds, it is really nice to be able to have it delivered to my work nearby."


"The personnel that work there. The speediness of filing a script as a walk in is awesome."




"I have never had a problem with this pharmacy after many many years of being a client...I wouldn't change for any other pharmacy, even with all their bells and whistles...伟大的人民和服务!!!!"

"I've been using Blount Discount for years. 我喜欢它的一切!"

"Fast, convenient, accurate... 伟大的家乡药房."


"Friendly helpful and local company"

"Friendly, accurate, knowledgable"

"The hometown feel and 个人服务 received!"


“家乡. 热爱工作人员. Personal and always willing to go the extra mile."

"Used this pharmacy for 25+ years. 爱它”


"Knowledgeable and friendly staff"

“在那里工作的人 make the pharmacy."


"Small neighborhood pharmacy, conveniently located that is not part of a national chain. Prices are generally lower than Walgreens."

“方便,快 & efficient service and the staff is always friendly"

"It's locally owned and operated, unlike the impersonal big pharmacy chains. 谢谢你所做的一切!"



“友好、快捷的服务. Anytime I need a question answered, the pharmacist is ALWAYS available to me wither by phone or in person."

“家乡药房! 友好的工作人员!"



"This Pharmacy is wonderful"



"Very Friendly and Efficient, never have had any problems at all."

“不是大型连锁药店.. 个人服务.."


"How quick they process everything!"



"It is local- staffed by caring members of our community!"

"I feel safe with this pharmacy. They really know their stuff and watch out for their customers."


"The customer service is outstanding. They have gone above and beyond what other pharmacies have done for me."

"They care and I feel valued, they're awesome!"

"The personal touch, the feeling that they really care, everyone is always helpful and friendly."

"The service- I feel like the pharmacists and staff have taken the time to get to know me and to provide me with vital information about the meds I take."

“美妙的人. 总是友好和乐于助人. I've seen some older folks there who are struggling somewhat and the staff are patient and helpful to them. 我注意到这样的事情!"

"Convenient, fast, efficient"



"Friendly faces and have always filled my RX for years if there was ever an issue someone would call and let me know."

“在那里工作的人 are friendly and efficient."

"Very personal and sociable"



"I have used several different pharmacies over the years due to insurance or convenience. The people at Montgomery Lane has helped me more than any other pharmacy I have ever used. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it."

"Your staff are always friendly, work to ensure quick service and do their best to make sure I have the best care available. 谢谢你!!"

"Always a smiling face, friendly people"


"友好的工作人员, and efficient!"


“收银台前的人. 富有同情心的药剂师”



"Fast service, great service."

"The ladies on the day shift."

"It is convenient to my home & work and the pharmacist cares about my needs and pays attention to my prescriptions."

“个人咨询 & assistance from Pharmacists & 收银员. Always willing to take time to answer questions & assist in finding right OTC products"



"Work with my insurance and can do 3month supply"

"Speed, accuracy, friendly people."

"How quickly prescriptions are filled/refilled"


"I have been using this pharmacy location since it first opened."

"Competitive prices on our drugs. Also, the staff is always courteous and professional."


“他们很棒。! Fast efficient and friendly!"


"I appreciate the Pharmacist's willingness to always take time to consult & 关于RXN的建议 & OTC药物. 他们做得很彻底 & concerned that each shot, rxn or item is used correctly & suits the patient's individual needs."

"Pharmacists are always available to answer questions; demonstrate care for people"


"The fast service and the friendly people. You feel like someone special, not just a number."

“当地所有,而且很有帮助. Glad you are open until 9pm."

"Always faces that you have see for years"




“伟大的员工. 友好高效. 谢谢!"



"The whole gang is very helpful and professional."



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